The True Light Christian School Board of Directors is comprised of parents and outside supporters of the school. The board meets regularly on the second Monday of each month.

The members are elected by the membership at an annual meeting held each spring. They generally serve for three-year terms, unless other arrangements are made by vote of the membership. Board members are eligible for re-election to one additional term upon completion of their first 3-year term.

Following the annual membership meeting, the board appoints officers at the June meeting. These officers assume responsibility at the July board meeting and serve one-year terms. Officers include a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, and secretary.

The board of directors for the 2016-2017 school year:

Director                                 Term Expires

  • Todd Lendt (Chairman)                              ‘17
  • Jim Knudson (Vice-Chairman)                   ‘18
  • Tim Gross (Treasurer)                                 ‘18
  • Elizabeth Hoff (Secretary)                         ‘18
  • Dean Bader                                                 ‘17
  • Adam De Cock                                           ‘17
  • Barry Metheny                                            ‘17
  • Kevin Greenhoff                                         ‘18
  • Russ Oglesby                                             ‘19