True Light Christian School Academics

True Light Christian School teachers and staff are committed to Christ- centered education that positively impacts the life of all who attend.


Along with academics, students are taught the skills they need to radiate light into the world and their church. We teach a biblical worldview that is Christ-centered. We remind our students about their value in His Kingdom.


Our staff is committed to modeling a Christian lifestyle, building relationships and developing character in our students. We help students understand, develop and apply their gifts. By starting out each day in prayer and worship, our staff reflects the character of God and relies on the Holy Spirit to help them teach each individual student.


True Light Christian School trains students to grab truth and stand on what it says. Weekly chapels teach the character of God and recognize those who demonstrate it. Students are exposed to missions, outreach, evangelism and solid biblical teaching. Student and staff led prayer and worship provide an atmosphere of unity.